11 YATRA bi-color baby blue / chocolate back
01 MAT
01 Mat Yatra
02 LALITA green
03 LALITA blue
04 SHAKTI bi-color stawberry red / green pistachio
05 SHAKTI bi-color strawberry red / brown
06 GAMAIA bi-color dark mauve / violet
07 GAMAIA bi-color blue / black
08 GAMAIA natural rubber and organic hemp
09 GAMAIA bi-color medium blue / light gray
10 GAMAIA bi-color emeraude green / black
11 YATRA bi-color baby blue / chocolate


The YOG-IN mat is made with all natural rubber, a non polluting, biodegradable and renewable material without PVC, heavy metals, toxic chemicals or ozone-depleting substances. Produced with respect for the environment, the people who will use it, and the people who made it, this mat is perfect for environmentally-concerned Yogis and Yoginis.

Available as either one tone or two-reversible tones, and in a large variety of colors, to coordinate with your bags.
Every Yogi will find a mat adapted his/her body type:

LALITA : small, 24” x 68” x just under 3/16”, 4 Lb
SHAKTI : standard, 24” x 69” x 3/16’’, 4.4 Lb
GAMAIA : long, 24” x  72” x just under 3/16", 4.4 Lb
YATRA : ultra-thin, ideal for globe-trotting Yogis, 24” x 72”x 1/8’’, 3.5 Lb

10% of the price will be donated to the France-Inde-Karnataka charitable association

For prices and conditions of sale, please contact us at: alix@yogin.fr or simona@yogin.fr


11 YATRA bi-color baby blue / chocolate